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Buckingham alphabet print

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Stony Stratford alphabet print

Stony Stratford is now part of Milton Keynes, but still retains a lot of its original character with its wide High Street flanked by beautiful, historical buildings …for example the “Cock and Bull“ Hotels, Fegans Home, the Queen Anne House and the place where the “Princes in the Tower” stayed.

Horsefair Green, the Market Square where John Wesley is reputed to have preached and  Ouse Valley Park are also featured in this Alphabet print together with St Mary Magdalene's old, ruined church tower, the “Sundial House” and a few quirky details, typical of Val’s style.

Do you know the significance of the red and white umbrellas?
Answer: ( the umbrellas are part of a scheme by the towns Business Association,
so that shoppers can go from shop to shop in the rain with borrowed umbrellas!)

Image size 25cm x 25cm
Mounted to 40cm x 40cm

£50 including postage

order item ref:  Stony AZ

The Stony Stratford alphabet is also stocked at the Stani Gallery in Stony Stratford, along with a selection of other alphabets.